Fat Ladies Again

Gozo, Malta Jan 21, Malta Flying in from Tunis, I had barely a day in Malta before returning home and I knew just what I wanted to do. The Gigantija temple called and so a here I was on sparkling blue waters, heading to the island of Gozo on the ferry. Tall church spires, narrow … More Fat Ladies Again

For Your Security

Tataouine, Tunisia Jan 16, 2019 All along this trip in Tunisia I’ve been dredging my brains for long-forgotten Arabic. Some of it has come back but frustratingly slowly. Not about to let that stand in the way, I have been brandishing a horrendous mix of Arabic and English, with some English words given a French … More For Your Security

Crowned with a Ksar

Tataouine, Tunisia Jan 15, 2019 The rugged landscape around Tataouine is riddled with hillocks, many of them topped with what looks like a cardboard cutout with jagged edges. Each is a ksar built by the Berbers in the 13th or 14th century. Built as fortified granaries, some incorporated entire villages and trailed along the ridgeline. … More Crowned with a Ksar

A Berber Welcome

Toujane, Tunisia Jan 12, 2019 The road from Matmata to Toujane winds its way through scrubby hillsides with views of small towns and villages all the way east to the thin blue line of the sea. There are goats and sheep being taken to pasture, mostly by young boys but sometimes by men and women. … More A Berber Welcome

Inside the Medina

Jan 10, 2019 Sousse, Tunisia Scrambling up the narrow spiral stairs in the Ribat tower, I am rewarded with a panorama of the city. Built in the eighth century, this was once a watchtower. Today it gives tourists a birds’ eye view of the medina. The austere lines of the Aghlabid Grand Mosque lie below. … More Inside the Medina

Ruins of Carthage

Carthage, Tunisia Jan 6, 2019 Although founded by Phoenicians, stories of its founding trickle down to us, not from the Phoenicians but from Greek and Roman writers. Like all self-respecting Greek sagas, the story has lashings of avarice, the requisite murder and intrigues guaranteed to satisfy the most bloodthirsty soul. The story unfolds with King … More Ruins of Carthage

Introduction to Tunisia

Tunis, Tunisia Jan 4, 2019 Broad palm-lined boulevards mark the new city, dotted with iconic landmarks. Sidewalk cafes line the streets under bright canopies. Shops, restaurants and patisseries are busy with customers and the air hums with the sound of conversation. Several of the side streets are pedestrianized and thronged with shoppers. At the end … More Introduction to Tunisia