Under the Radar

Sukkur, Pakistan June 4, 2019 The police escort continued to dog me even as I was leaving Larkana. Perched on the back of a police motorbike, I was taken to the van. The policeman dutifully took photos of the driver, the license plate and the license. The van may have seen better days but like … More Under the Radar

Mound of the Dead

Larkana, Pakistan June 2, 2019 As a schoolgirl, I remember studying about the Indus Valley Civilization and of Mohenjo Daro in particular, which is Sindhi for Mound of the Dead. I remember seeing photographs of the bearded priest-king, of the many seals that were found at the site, the terracotta toys of bullock carts. Utterly … More Mound of the Dead

Shivers of Excitement

New York April 22, 2019 I have had a long-standing dream that entails traveling from Pakistan to Afghanistan to Turkmenistan and then across the Caspian Sea into Azerbaijan. Not the easiest places to travel in, and therein lies part of the attraction. But also not the easiest to get visas. But mulish stubbornness is a … More Shivers of Excitement