Pathan Hospitality

Takht-i-Bahi June 18, 2019 Insatiably addicted to ancient archeological sites that I am, the ruins of Takht-i-Bahi was on the dream list. In chatting with another traveler at the guesthouse in Islamabad, I found Hannes too was headed there and had been invited by a friend to stay with his family. A couple of quick … More Pathan Hospitality

Under the Radar

Sukkur, Pakistan June 4, 2019 The police escort continued to dog me even as I was leaving Larkana. Perched on the back of a police motorbike, I was taken to the van. The policeman dutifully took photos of the driver, the license plate and the license. The van may have seen better days but like … More Under the Radar

Mound of the Dead

Larkana, Pakistan June 2, 2019 As a schoolgirl, I remember studying about the Indus Valley Civilization and of Mohenjo Daro in particular, which is Sindhi for Mound of the Dead. I remember seeing photographs of the bearded priest-king, of the many seals that were found at the site, the terracotta toys of bullock carts. Utterly … More Mound of the Dead