Hallowed Halls of Learning

The oldest university in Portugal and one of the oldest in the world, the University is the jewel in the crown of Coimbra. … More Hallowed Halls of Learning


Enchanting Sintra

Sintra, Portugal Jan 13, 2018 Barely forty minutes by train from the bustle of Lisbon lies Sintra, but it may as well belong to another world. The craggy towers of the Moorish castle look down on its many palaces and fanciful fountains dot the path up to the castle. The view from its top extends … More Enchanting Sintra

Somnolent Silves

Silves, Portugal Jan 11, 2018 In the south of Portugal, on the bank of the Arade river, Silves sits nestled among groves of orange trees. Its heydays when it was the capital of the Algarve in the Moorish times, are long gone. Today, the red stone castle looks out on its narrow, winding streets, locals … More Somnolent Silves

A Week in Berlin

Berlin, Germany Jan 4, 2018 The rain that had meant soggy days in Porto followed me dutifully and I was treated to more of the same for the entire week in Berlin. But this side trip to Berlin was mostly to visit friends that I haven’t seen in a while so it hardly mattered. In … More A Week in Berlin