Into The Jungle

Manaus, Brazil July 2008 I had for so long wanted to go into the jungle and live my dream. I wanted to go in for multiple days taking with me no food. I wanted to sleep in hammocks between trees, and eat only what we caught or picked. I wanted to learn about traditional ways … More Into The Jungle

Music of the Oloduns

Pelhorino, Brazil June 10, 2008 After Rio I went up along the coast to Salvador, the capital of Bahia. This is where the famous olodun drums and heart-pounding, throbbing music of Brazil comes from. Although different parts of Brazil each have their own kind of music, Salvador is arguably the musical capital of Brazil. And … More Music of the Oloduns

The Old Ways

Candomble Ceremony Salvador de Bahia, Brazil June 8, 2008 Salvador is the place that most of the African slaves were brought to and to this day many of their original rituals and practices survive. Candomble is a religion that stems from those days. During the years of slavery it was practiced clandestinely and the ceremonies … More The Old Ways