Among the Tsaatan

Among the Tsaatan I had been to Mongolia twice before, but this time my focus was the extreme north, past the Khovsgol Nur. This is the summer pasture of the reindeer herders of Mongolia – the Tsaatan. I traveled from Ulan Bator to the town of Moron and then began the search for the Tsaatan. … More Among the Tsaatan

At a Kazakh Camp

Bayan Olgii district, Mongolia July 18, 2005 Andrei’s parents have passed away and he has two older sisters who live in Kazakhstan. One of his wives lives in Ulan Bator. And it is the other wife and two daughters who share his ger here, looking after their twenty-four goats. The younger daughter, Cleobik is an … More At a Kazakh Camp