Many Faces of Chania

Chania, Crete Jan 2, 2023 The catch of the day lies on slabs waiting to wind as dinner, probably much as it has for centuries on these shores. Like most modern cities, the everyday hums along predictable lines. In the pedestrian center are the glut of shops and cafes leading up to and around the … More Many Faces of Chania

Tombs of Kings

Paphos, Cyprus Dec 31, 2022 Imagine a vast rocky field on the shores of the Mediterranean sea, the sound of surf pounding the shores ceaselessly. Blue skies with scurrying clouds above and the screech and squawk of seabirds drifting in the breeze. A place fit for kings one might say. And so it is. This … More Tombs of Kings

Famagusta or Magusa

Magusa, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Dec 30, 2022 The name might read Famagusta, but cross the border and it becomes Magusa. It was simple enough to get to the bus station, in the northern part of Nicosia. More of a bus stop, the dust-laden little room sat at the corner, well known enough to … More Famagusta or Magusa

A City Frozen in Time

Turkish Nicosia Dec 29, 2022 Most of Nicosia is like any modern city with its bland concrete blocks and the most interesting part is the old walled city. Originally begun in the 13th century AD, the current fortified structure with its eleven pentagonal bastions date from the Venetian period of 16th century. Almost a perfect … More A City Frozen in Time

Gold Fever

San Jose, Costa Rica Jan 22, 2020 For the indigenous tribes who called this home, the death knell began with Columbus’s last voyage. Upon reaching the east coast, he dubbed it a rich coast or Costa Rica. And that was the trigger needed for the Spanish to descend in hordes. All in search of gold … More Gold Fever

The Forest at Night

Monteverde, Costa Rica Jan 14, 2020 Perched in the northwestern Costa Rica is Monteverde, a small town which has morphed into a mecca for the typical holiday-makers to Costa Rica. With its string of souvenir shops, eateries and travel agencies offering bungee jumps, Tarzan swings and ziplining, it smacks of Disneyland. But among the many … More The Forest at Night