A Hidden Gem

Shengavit, Armenia Jul 21, 2018 While not precisely hidden, it is certainly not widely known, even by residents of the area. Such is the site of Shengavit settlement and it was purely by chance that I stumbled upon it. I had chanced upon a brochure that mentioned it but had no idea how to reach … More A Hidden Gem

Ye Olde Yerevan

Erebuni, Armenia Jul 20, 2018 To Khaldi the Lord, Argishti, son of Menua, built this house and a great fortress and called it Erebuni. So reads the cuneiform inscription on a stone found here, amid the ruins of an ancient citadel. Atop a sun-scorched hill with commanding views of the plains in every direction are … More Ye Olde Yerevan

Gateway to Svaneti

Mestia, Georgia Jul 5, 2018 Once considered remote and impregnable, the Svaneti region of Georgia’s far northwest is very much on the tourist radar these days. This year with the introduction of a host of budget flights on Wizzair from a variety of European cities, the tiny town of Mestia is bursting at the seams. … More Gateway to Svaneti

The Golden Age

Vardzia, Georgia Jun 29, 2018 Tamar is a name shared by many women and girls in Georgia, all of them named after Queen Tamar of Georgia’s golden age. The unification of rival tribes and expansion of territories that began with David the Builder, culminated into Georgia’s greatest years during the reign of his great-granddaughter. Although … More The Golden Age