Sailing on Emerald Seas

Nassau, Bahamas
Dec 30, 2019

Although it rained off and on, the sun made its appearance equally frequently and the colors of the sea mesmerized. A visit to the Nassau Yacht club was a given as was a sail on the sparkling waters.

Some of the marinas in this part of the island is a peculiar mix of sleek yachts and rust-buckets whose best years lay in the distant past. Some sported gleaming coats of paint while many others lay more than half submerged in the waters. Their owners apparently could not care less.

Out of the marina, into the wind on sparkling waters of turquoise and indigo. White sails whipping in the wind, as we tacked, bobbed and glided on the water. Confirmed landlubber I may be, but I begin to appreciate why so many come here and decide to stay on.

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