The Wisdom of Airlines

December 16, 2015

Despite all the planning and plotting and buying airline tickets way ahead of time, I did not foresee this involuntary change in plans. The Iberian airlines flight I had originally bought suddenly got changed to an American airlines flight on the first leg from JFK to Madrid. The aircraft as well as the service lived up to their lacklustre best, perhaps even exceeded their usual deplorable standards. It is a rare talent at which certain airlines (mostly domestic ones) vie with each other. But as if that wasn’t enough, to really ensure they remain entrenched in my memory, AA went one step further. In their wisdom, they have managed to provide me with an eight hour layover between flights. Eight hours!

So here I am, inhaling coffee at the Madrid airport valiantly attempting to overcome jetlag, with no hope of getting into Malaga at a decent hour today.