Ride Across a Manmade Lake

La Fortuna. Costa Rica Jan 16, 2020 This part of the world has many a lake formed by seismic activities eons ago and most have a startling beauty. But Lago Arenal, the largest lake in Costa Rica has quite a different history. It owes its birth to the creation of hydroelectric dams and has been … More Ride Across a Manmade Lake

The Forest at Night

Monteverde, Costa Rica Jan 14, 2020 Perched in the northwestern Costa Rica is Monteverde, a small town which has morphed into a mecca for the typical holiday-makers to Costa Rica. With its string of souvenir shops, eateries and travel agencies offering bungee jumps, Tarzan swings and ziplining, it smacks of Disneyland. But among the many … More The Forest at Night

A Park with a Bad Rap

Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica Jan 12, 2020 Tour operators and guides elsewhere denigrate the Manuel Antonio park in the Puntarenas province, spouting tales of animals just this side of tame. Stories of food-snatching monkeys and others posing for photo ops abound in disparaging comments. They do however, admit the abundance of fauna here … More A Park with a Bad Rap