Not Quite a Full Mehman

Karachi, Pakistan May 30, 2019 Arriving at the airport, I found neither of the two ATMs worked and the currency exchange was closed. But this apparently was no problem; I was driven to the hotel, where the driver insisted on seeing me safely inside and then drove me to an ATM and brought me back … More Not Quite a Full Mehman

An Invitation

January 15, 2016 Madaba, Jordan It was a small hole-in-the-wall convenience store cum cafĂ© that I met him. Gazi and his cousin Odai work there making coffee and dishing out small cups of steaming corn that seems to be wildly popular among the locals. We had chatted when I was in Madaba before and they … More An Invitation

An Invitation

Hamamatsu, Japan March 25th 2016 I met her my first day in Kyoto. Reiko and her daughter Naoko were in Kyoto for only a couple of days and I had literally just arrived from the airport in Osaka. We were staying at the same guesthouse. I was in that strange state that usually accompanies jet-lag … More An Invitation

Kurdish Kindness

Eastern Turkey June 2013 It started with my arrival in Sanliurfa, a city in south-eastern Anatolia, I had wandered into a shop in search of a travelling alarm clock and the owner of the shop was keen to speak in English. He bemoaned the fact that he rarely got to practice his English. Not only … More Kurdish Kindness