Do You Want to Stay in Our Sanatorium?

Shymkent, Kazakhstan May 24, 2015 From Almaty I decided to take the overnight train into Shymkent. I hoped to see something of the Aksu Zhabagaly national park if I ¬†could manage it. I had booked a berth in a four- berth compartment. Not only do they provide freshly laundered bedding and a towel, they even … More Do You Want to Stay in Our Sanatorium?

All About Almaty

Almaty, Kazakhstan May 22, 2015 I am in a mild state of shock. I am not quite sure what I expected of Almaty, but it is not these wide boulevards, tall chrome and glass skyscrapers, swanky cars and glitzy shopping arcades with smatterings of posh cafes, bars and restaurants. Perhaps most of all, I had … More All About Almaty