When Women Ruled

Iraklion, Crete Jan 11, 2023 All ancient civilizations without exception, had a mother goddess they worshipped. She was the supreme deity and sometimes the only deity. Unsurprisingly perhaps, women in these societies were not only revered, but frequently held superior positions in society. Cleopatra and Hatsepshut of Egypt are well known but their reign came … More When Women Ruled

Palace of the Minoans

Knossos, Crete Jan 9, 2023 Crete is synonymous with Minoans and arguably the most famous relic of that age is the Knossos Palace. Knossos conjures in my mind a vast palace with hallways and squares held up by gracefully tapered blood-red pillars, the walls covered with intricate frescoes. I am off to see it for … More Palace of the Minoans