Graffiti of Qobustan

Qobustan, Azerbaijan Jun 9, 2018 Some forty kilometers southwest of Baku is a desolate place called Qobustan. Oil oozes from the soil in dark splotches and methane gas emerging through vents makes the mud “bubble”, forming what are called mud volcanoes. But Qobustan has another more important claim to fame. Across a flat plain from … More Graffiti of Qobustan

Around Issyk Kul

Cholpon Ata 1605 m June 22, 2015 Issyk Kul is huge – some 170 kms in length and 70 kms in breadth, it feels more like a sea than a lake. Riding in  marshrutka along the road bordering the north shore, it is impossible to see the south shore. From Bishkek, the road headed east, … More Around Issyk Kul