In Search of Hidden Gompas

In Search of Hidden Gompas Qinghai province, China June 28th, 2010 I was in what used to be the Amdo province of old Tibet but is now called Qinghai, in western China. Someone in Xining told me about little known and less visited monasteries high in the mountains near Xining where incredibly there are still … More In Search of Hidden Gompas

At a Nomad Camp

At A Nomad Camp Somewhere between Ganden and Samye Monasteries June, 2004 Starting at the ungodly hour of five in the morning one day, I went to Barkhor to catch the bus to the Ganden monastery. I planned to trek toward Samye but had heard that there was still too much snow at the pass. … More At a Nomad Camp

In Lhasa Again

Lhasa May 29th, 2004 I cannot believe it. I am here; I am really here in Lhasa again! Flying under the radar worked. It has been so long. The flat-roofed houses with prayer flags fluttering in the corners, the people in their chubas, carrying prayer wheels and fingering rosary beads, the open faces and big … More In Lhasa Again

Leaving Lhasa

9 p.m. July 9th, 2000 I am sitting at the outer courtyard of the Jokhang, as I have been most evenings here in Lhasa. There is the usual crowd of people doing their prostrations. I recognize many of the faces by now, and they recognize me. They all have their spots, and I have mine … More Leaving Lhasa

A Gift

July 4th, 2000 Irene, Orianne and I are sitting on the steps outside the back entrance of the Potala Palace, high above Lhasa. We have been sitting here a while. Talking occasionally, thinking mostly. We had come here earlier today for a tour of the Potala. Like all the monasteries, the walls, hallways and rooms … More A Gift