Walking to Pakxeng

Luang Prabang June, 2003 I had been in Laos a few days, in the town of Luang Prabang and could not wait to explore the countryside. Being severely allergic to tour groups meant going on a solo walkabout. So I set off from Luang Prabang, heading north-east, thinking to go walking for week or so. … More Walking to Pakxeng


Ventilla, Bolivia January 20th, 2001 There are mountains on all sides of La Paz, but there is one in particular that has caught my eye. I wanted to go trekking along a trail in the Cordillera Real. The topographic map that managed to buy at one store shows a trail that starts from a Quechua … More Peligroso!


Solu Khumbu, Nepal June 20th, 2000 I had trekked to the Everest base camp from Jiri and was now on my way back down. Along the way, I passed the same villages that I had passed on the way up to the base camp. It was at Tengpoche that a curious thing happened. In the … More She