Do You Want To Go To A Funeral ?

Rantepao, Sulawesi, Indonesia July 10, 2011 Having arrived at Rantepao, I searched for an internet cafĂ© and found one. To my delight there was a spa and massage place upstairs in the same building. There was also a small library of books in English. Needless to say I spent a good chunk of the day … More Do You Want To Go To A Funeral ?

Among the Pnong

Ratanakiri June 15, 2009 I wanted to go trekking in the hills of the north-east. In part because I was beginning to hanker after mountains and in part because this area sees few tourists, especially in the rainy season. It was far enough off the beaten path to suit me. And so began the interminable … More Among the Pnong

Into The Jungle

Manaus, Brazil July 2008 I had for so long wanted to go into the jungle and live my dream. I wanted to go in for multiple days taking with me no food. I wanted to sleep in hammocks between trees, and eat only what we caught or picked. I wanted to learn about traditional ways … More Into The Jungle