Ways of a Wanderlust

At the top of the list are countries in Central Asia that I will be traveling in this summer. Stay tuned for posts & photos beginning May 19th, 2015.

Someone I met recently told me on a  mildly annoyed note that although Afghanistan leads the list of countries, it is blank.

“Well”, I explained, “I haven’t been there yet”.  And that the list was alphabetical for the current travel.

“Then, there should be something like an itinerary so I know which page to click on” came the reply.

The idea of a pre-planned itinerary tends to make me break out in hives, but for those who are mouse-shy, here is a rough plan:

Kazakhstan: mid May – end of May

Uzbekistan: end of May – mid June

Kyrgyzstan: mid June – beg July

Tajikistan: beg July through end Aug

Afghanistan: To be sandwiched in between travel through Tajikistan.