Aboard a Train in Uzbekistan

From Tashkent to Urgench, Uzbekistan May 28, 2015 Arriving at the station with barely ten minutes to spare, I found my way to my berth, helped along by the wagon attendants. In my wisdom, which sometimes takes startling dives into depths of stupidity, I had booked an upper berth in the plaskart class. Similar to … More Aboard a Train in Uzbekistan

All About Almaty

Almaty, Kazakhstan May 22, 2015 I am in a mild state of shock. I am not quite sure what I expected of Almaty, but it is not these wide boulevards, tall chrome and glass skyscrapers, swanky cars and glitzy shopping arcades with smatterings of posh cafes, bars and restaurants. Perhaps most of all, I had … More All About Almaty

Off to Central Asia

May 19, 2015 I was wearing a neck brace (thanks to a recently acquired herniated disc), baggy clothes several sizes too large (erring on the side of caution in Islamic countries) and carrying an arsenal of pain medications including prescription narcotics. I could have made a healthy living peddling medicines in any part of the … More Off to Central Asia