Kiss the Girl

Murghab, Tajikistan August 8th There has been a rumour floating up and down the Pamir highway that a horse festival is to be held in Murghab. Nobody knew for certain exactly when nor what it entailed. We arrived in Murghab yesterday and asked around in the bazaar, the usual conduit of all information. “Yes of … More Kiss the Girl

Pamiri Paradise

FROM KHOROG TO MURGHAB Travel lore says that the Pamir Highway which winds through mountains in Tajikistan utterly beautiful and by all accounts, not to be missed. There is also a southern road which hugs the banks of the Pyanj river that many travelers rave about. But this is no new road and it has … More Pamiri Paradise

Playing Postman

Unwitting Terror Alert! August 2, 2015 Starting at the ungodly hour of 6 am, ¬†we drove to Ishkashim. I had photos that I had promised to send to the villagers in Afghanistan and had added a few things to the parcel. I just had to figure out a way to do so. We stopped at … More Playing Postman