Across Zambezi in a Truck-toting Ferry



June 14, 2016

The border crossing from Botswana to Zambia lies across the Zambezi. Both Vic Falls in Zimbabwe and Livingstone in Zambia are hotspots for tourists and crossing from one to another is simply a matter of walking across the bridge near the falls. But I had wandered further west and was going to cross at Kasane. A long line of trucks stood on the road leading to the border post, waiting. Some for days and some for weeks to get paperwork processed.

A bridge is in the process of being built but until completion, there are ferries that ply this crossing constantly from sunup to sundown. And I was going to cross on one such. The width of the river is not large at this point and  the crossing is a matter of some ten minutes between Botswana and Zambia bypassing Zimbabwe.

A truck, a car, the mandatory military man with a gun boarded the ferry. I wandered on trying to appear nonchalant. I was not at all sure I could or what to expect. But other than a few odd looks sent my way, nobody bothered. They did not even charge me anything and I sauntered off at the other end to belly up to the Zambian immigration.



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