Come as a Visitor & Return as a Friend

Tabriz, Iran June 25th 2013 “Salaam”, I heard as I trudged along a street in Tabriz, hitching up the backpack. “Where are you from?” asked the young man who had materialized beside me. “Please”, said his friend with a shy smile “Can I help you?” We were in a crowded street and I had been … More Come as a Visitor & Return as a Friend

Understated Elegance

Kashan, Iran July 6th, 2013 Kashan lies just a few hours south of Tehran, yet it is often overlooked by visitors. Perhaps therein lies the charm of this small town. There is an unhurried pace to life here unruffled by tourist hordes. Like elsewhere in Iran there are remnants of history. The grand buildings here … More Understated Elegance

So this is Iran

Dogubayazit, Turkey June 25th 2013 I did not have to look for a bus or a ride to the border; Bilal and Mustafa both insisted that they would take me and they did. Early in the morning they arrived, I hopped into the van and rode to the border. But first we had to stop … More So this is Iran