Tales of Tatev

Tatev, Armenia Jul 30, 2018 An aerial cablecar swings over two gorges between the town of Halidzor and Tatev in south-eastern Armenia, its destination, the Tatev monastery. Down below is the zigzag ribbon of the road down one slope and up the next, across the Devil’s bridge that spans the narrow chasm. Built in the … More Tales of Tatev

Cave Dwellings

Jul 27, 2018 Goris, Armenia Probably settled during Stone age, Goris first surfaces in 8th century BC as a region conquered by Rusa I of the Urartu kingdom. Through the march of history it is has had many names under many rulers – Goristsa changed to Kores which morphed to Goris. Present-day Goris though is … More Cave Dwellings

Quaint Goris

Goris, Armenia 1385 m Jul 26, 2018 Where laundry flaps between a jumble of power lines, over a communal kitchen garden. Where hitching a ride might mean sharing space with a sheep headed to the butcher’s. Where mouthwatering fruits and vegetables from the nearby farms jostle for space at the grocer’s and sunflower seeds are … More Quaint Goris