Ways of a Wanderlust

At the top of the list are countries in Central Asia that I will be traveling in this summer. Stay tuned for posts & photos beginning May 19th, 2015.

Someone I met recently told me on a  mildly annoyed note that although Afghanistan leads the list of countries, it is blank.

“Well”, I explained, “I haven’t been there yet”.  And that the list was alphabetical for the current travel.

“Then, there should be something like an itinerary so I know which page to click on” came the reply.

The idea of a pre-planned itinerary tends to make me break out in hives, but for those who are mouse-shy, here is a rough plan:

Kazakhstan: mid May – end of May

Uzbekistan: end of May – mid June

Kyrgyzstan: mid June – beg July

Tajikistan: beg July through end Aug

Afghanistan: To be sandwiched in between travel through Tajikistan.


6 thoughts on “Ways of a Wanderlust

  1. Hey, I found your post on thorntree. (at least if you are Wandelust) Unfortunately I cant post there, the system logged me out for some strange reasons….I am interested in the situation in Afghanistan. You said, that the Talib captured “Varduch Province”. I know where Zebak is. But cant find a Province named Varduch. Do you mean Vardak Province? But this is even south of Kabul…..
    So I am confused. It is quite important for me, because I try to trekk there from the 7 of August on, for a couple of weeks.
    So if you could help me?
    My mail: Malteschostakatweb.de please replace the at with @
    If you are german speaking, as your nickname suggests, than feel free to answer in german, since I am from Berlin.
    Thanks Malte


    1. Malte,
      The confusion re names stems from different spellings in transliteration of Afghan to English. Check under WARDUJ instead of Varduch and you should be able to find info. It is a district in the Badakhshan province, of the importance b/c of a military base. Can’t do copy/paste from my device but you should be able to Google it.


      1. Hey Ani,

        I just stumbled over your message while doing a google search to my name. Thanks for answering. I am already safe back from the trip.


          1. Thats actually pretty difficult, to get further into the mountains, at least if you try to do it the cheap way, which in this case means only, to try to avoid paying hundreds of Dollars per day. Fell free to contact me per mail: Malteschostakatweb.de, once you start planning again.


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