Strictly for Partying Surfaholics

El Tunco, El Salvador

March 17, 2017

El Tunco is one of those hamlet-grown-into-a-village that are scattered around odd corners of the world, its claim to fame being the waves that crash onto its beach. Well known in the surfing world it is here that many come to play in the waves during the blisteringly hot days. On weekends the assorted travelers are joined by well-heeled Salvadorans who come to party. The narrow street down to the beach is lined with shops selling the usual tourist kitsch among sarongs and beachwear. Bars, cafes and restaurants

have wait staff proffering menus to entice tourists with food and drink. A long line of bars and restaurants line the beach as far as the eye can see. Come sunset the village parties. It booms to music loud enough to rattle window panes and restaurants serve up a constant stream of delicacies as tourists, more domestic than foreign, crowd the tables and line deckchairs on the gray sand.  The pounding surf breaks onto the beach constantly,  the waves rushing to the shore in a constant luminous line.

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