David, Panama
Jan 4, 2019

It happened once again! Running into someone whom I met in another part of the globe without having kept in touch in the interim. I suppose I should be used to it, but it takes me by surprise each time. The last time it happened was in Swaziland when I greeted a couple of men I had met in Iran several years before. And now in Panama I met again, a cyclist whom I had met this July, in Samarkhand. How wonderful is that?

This time though it was no chance encounter on the street or a café or a hostel. Sending New Year greetings to Antonia, I found that she was in Costa Rica, headed to Panama and here I was going in the opposite direction. Of course, we had to meet! My plans, at best unplanned, always has room for the spontaneous. So here I am, heading to Boquete just to spend a couple of days hanging out, catching up and doing a hike or two in the hills around Boquete.

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