Ruins of Carthage

Carthage, Tunisia Jan 6, 2019 Although founded by Phoenicians, stories of its founding trickle down to us, not from the Phoenicians but from Greek and Roman writers. Like all self-respecting Greek sagas, the story has lashings of avarice, the requisite murder and intrigues guaranteed to satisfy the most bloodthirsty soul. The story unfolds with King … More Ruins of Carthage

The Queen of Sheba

Axum, Ethiopia January 8, 2013 ┬áKing Solomon has heard of the Queen of Sheba and her great kingdom and she in turn has heard of him. So she travels to his court along with a large retinue carrying gifts of frankincense, myrrh and gold. The Queen tests Solomon’s wisdom, asking him many questions and giving … More The Queen of Sheba