Riches of the Mycenaeans

Athens, Greece Jan 18,2023   Of course no visit to this ancient city would be quite complete without my usual lengthy tour of the Archeological museum. I dutifully spend the better part of a day doing just that. In the pride of place, at the entrance were the grave goods that all the grave robbers … More Riches of the Mycenaeans

In Athens Again

Athens, Greece Jan 15, 2023 It has been some thirty years since I was last in Athens and the city has changed enough that this is no case of Déjà vu. It all feels new. I have memories of the Acropolis but even that seems new with plenty of restoration in progress, new museums and … More In Athens Again

Bailing Out

Athens, Greece Jan 13, 2023 “Come back in summer” said the man at the bus station in Iraklion. “Not many buses now”. The info on accommodation was even worse. Apparently almost all the south and large parts of the east closes its shutters and hibernates until summer makes its appearance. I had planned to see … More Bailing Out