In Athens Again

Athens, Greece

Jan 15, 2023

It has been some thirty years since I was last in Athens and the city has changed enough that this is no case of Déjà vu. It all feels new. I have memories of the Acropolis but even that seems new with plenty of restoration in progress, new museums and more vigilant entry and exits than what I recall. The Acropolis needs no introduction. A photo essay speaks eloquently to its beauty and grandeur.

The city is dotted with old iconic structures – Hadrian’s Arch and the Bathhouse of the Winds are around the corner. As are the ruins of the Roman Forum and Hadrian’s Library. Even in low season the streets are clogged with tourists frantically cramming in sights but for some locals, the pace is slow enough to have a card game in the afternoon that lasts for hours.

The wet market bustles, with stall owners trying their best to entice shoppers. Prices hawked at top volume seem to neither draw nor repel customers though. Piles of meat lie on chopping blocks, carcasses hang from hooks and a pile of dead sheep heads glisten on a tray. In the next aisle are fish and seafood. Squids, octopuses share space with fish and shrimp.

A fruit and vegetable market across the street vies with another selling barrels of olives and brisk business with scattered banter is the order of the day.


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