Chasing Pygmy Elephants

Sukau, Malaysia June 16, 2017 The first couple of days in Sukau, were spent diligently looking for a boat, and in the process I met a number of people in this village. Yesterday, I heard from a young man who has a friend, whose cousin has a brother who works with the conservation department. There … More Chasing Pygmy Elephants

Floundering in Package-Central Kinabatangan

Sukau, Malaysia June 13, 2017 The Kinabatangan river is supposedly one of the best places in Borneo to see wildlife, the cast ranging from orangutans, proboscis moneys, long-tailed macaques to birds like herons, kingfishers and various kinds of hornbills. The star though is the pygmy elephant, found only in Borneo and it was this, that … More Floundering in Package-Central Kinabatangan