A Park with a Bad Rap

Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica Jan 12, 2020 Tour operators and guides elsewhere denigrate the Manuel Antonio park in the Puntarenas province, spouting tales of animals just this side of tame. Stories of food-snatching monkeys and others posing for photo ops abound in disparaging comments. They do however, admit the abundance of fauna here … More A Park with a Bad Rap

Botswana at Random

Chobe National Park Botswana June 8, 2016 My plans for travel are loose at best but this time around I seem to have surpassed myself. Travels through Zimbabwe had been completely at random, on the advice of locals I met along the way but now, I thought I would make some rudimentary itinerary for the … More Botswana at Random

On a Game Drive

Kyle National Park Masvingo, Zimbabwe May 31, 2016 Halfway between the Muunze Forest Lodge and town is a small game park called Kyle National Park and in it are a variety of wildlife. Rhinos, giraffes, zebra, kudu, warthogs to name a few. The wild hippos who had swum toward us threateningly a few days ago … More On a Game Drive